I am a Utopian, a dreamer and pragmatist. I dream of a time when the world lives in harmony, fair value exchange and sustainable development. 

I dream of a time where each man can achieve his full potential with the hand of a brother or sister to lift him when he falls.

I dream of a time when the weak are bolstered by the strong. A time when ones race, gender, class and religious beliefs will not be a hindrance to ones dreams, aspirations or their contribution to humanity. 

However, I’m pragmatic enough to understand that the condition of our current world, where gain comes from exploitation, destruction of nature and value is extracted from chicanery. I know that mine is a dream unattainable unless we begin to change the prevailing mindsets.

I fully grasp the fact that our education system’s prevailing thought and sentiment perpetuates this system of destruction, prejudice, inequality, exploitation and evil in which we live.

I also realize that at the base of the pyramid of exploitation is my people, my people the wretched of the earth, those of darker skin those from the Mother continent. 

Just by the pigment of our skin we are hated, just because of our heritage as the progenitor we are despised. I believe the reason for that is the spirit of the creator that resides in us, makes us an antithesis of an anti-life spirit that presided over our world today.

My war, our war is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and thoughts of an opposing dimension. 

I realize that without my people raising up from  being the pillaged and exploited of the world to being contributors of unique ideas, products and solutions emanating from a spirit of life. There is no hope for humanity.

We as Africans are an integral cog in the machine of humanity and we are endowed with the spirit of origin......that spirit which WAS in the darkness before all Came into being. 

Until this cog assumes its place at the table of humanity to add its wisdom and reverse some of the corruption in the system. Until the mothers of the soil begin to Mother the world and her children. Humanity is on a one way journey to extinction.

On his page, with this pen, I stand up as a citizen of the world. I stand up as the son of the mother of the world. Ready to travel back in time through my melamine into the conscience of the universe and contribute my thoughts and ideas to induce dialogue and provoke thought in the belief that change comes from reflection.

I am the son of Bendekenya Bereza a descendant of the nation of Mutapa. As I walk this journey to establish who I am and the purpose I was brought forth to fulfill. I share my journey, thoughts and insights with those around me and my circle of influence in the hope that my small ambition to change the world starts with those who will engage with me. 

“As a man I seek to die having fulfilled my destiny to humanity, not having consumed much.”

Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare of Frontline Strat Marketing Consultancy.

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My mission!

As a man I seek to die having fulfilled my destiny to humanity, not having consumed much.

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