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South African Buffalo Being Used For Money Laundering

Updated: Feb 11, 2019


Have you ever wondered why a Buffalo would cost as much as R168mil [$12mil]? A lot of people think it's because such Buffalo have some special rare attributes or intrinsic value, yet in reality that is not the reason.

It's true that some animals may have great genes and could have value in the future breeding of the species, however, R160mil can buy a gold or coal mine instead, from which one can make a quicker return at a relatively lower risk.

The truth of the matter is wildlife in South Africa is a white dominated monopoly used by white South African mercenaries to launder the money they make in their mercenary ventures across the world.

A lot of ex-SADF soldiers find themselves being consultants and hired guns all across the world with a bulk of their activities taking place off the books.

Their payments come in many forms from cash [US dollars], gold, purloin diamonds, timber, ivory and even sugar but it's all illicit, so getting the money into the financial system, bypassing the Financial Intelligence Centers requires innovation and creativity......In comes the Buffalo.

So, when you consider that a great number of ex-SADF types own farms and game ranches on the back of trading ivory from Angola and Namibia. Buying and selling of these creatures at exorbitant prices becomes a continuation of their previous smuggling and getting huge amounts of dirty money back into the system without questions.

Animals are bought and sold in an auction enviroment for money to exchange hands publicly and from there the money makes its way into the system.

It is also said the same approach is used for cleaning drug money and concealing the movement of money from rightwing governments or nationalists supporting white farmers or militants in South Africa.

If you have doubts about what I’m saying, as yourself why it is that only South African Foot and Mouth Buffalo fetch these obscene amounts and not the ones from Tanzania, Kenya or Zimbabwe?

My follow up article will speak to the traffic of Zimbabwean wildlife into South Africa.

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